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These Terms and Conditions (here in after referred to as Privacy and Terms of Use) apply to all available and available articles of ESQUE MILANO Kft. At www.jasminmar.com (hereinafter referred to as "Webáruház"). The technical information required to use the Web Store, not included in these Terms and Conditions, is provided by other information available on the Website. The contract concluded through the webshop is not considered a writer, it is not registered by ESQUE MILANO Ltd. so it is not accessible or can be accessed later. ESQUE MILANO Ltd. does not subject itself to any provisions of the Code of Conduct. By using the Web Store or by registering you as a Buyer (hereafter Buyer) accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms of this General Terms and Conditions, acknowledges and accepts the following.

1.     The services of the webshop "www.jasminmar.com" are provided by the following company

Company name: ESQUE MILANO Kft
Posta Address:1147 Budapest, Lőcsei út 55/B Hungary.
Trade Register No.: 13-09-174131
VAT no.: 25141984213
Bank name: CIB Bank
Company name: ESQUE MILANO Kft
Bank account: 10701276-70370441-51100005

Executive Director: ARACI Sacid
E-mail: info@jasminmar.hu        
Phone: +36-30-2-433-233
Workdays: 10-17 between (week days)

2.     Main sphere of services:

TEÁOR 321303 '08 production of gift and ornaments products
TEÁOR 4791 '08 Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

The users of the service: the individuals defined as "consumers" by the Government Decree and Article 1 (3) of Book 8 of Act V of 2013 (the new Civil Code), that is, a natural person acting outside his/her profession, occupation or business activity. Pursuant to the above, Consumer as "Customer" together with Provider shall be hereinafter referred to as Parties. Article 4 (10) of the Government Decree Distance contract: a consumer contract entered into between the parties for a remote sales of products or services without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties by exclusively using means of communication between remote parties in order to conclude the contract. 

Article 4 (14) of the Government Decree Off-premises contract: a consumer contract

a) concluded with the simultaneous physical presence of contracting parties outside the place of business of the company;

b) where the consumer has made an offer to the company in accordance with Subsection a);

c) concluded directly by the application of a means of communication between the persons present in the place of business of the company or the remote parties after the company personally and individually contacted the consumer, with the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, outside the place of business of the company; or

d) concluded in the course of a trip organized by the company with the aim of selling or marketing products or services to the consumer;
This website (www.annamariapap.com) shall qualify as a "means of communication between remote parties" in accordance with Article 4 (11) of the Government Decree.
The consumer prices are gross prices (that include VAT). The total sum is made up of the aggregate price of the products and the cost of carriage. The Consumer enters into a consumer contract with the Provider, if he/she clicks on the ORDER button after assembling the content of the "shopping basket". The Provider notifies the Consumer of his/her engagement via email (Article 4 (9) of the Government Decree). The details of Customers shall be recorded in order to purchase goods offered in this webshop. The rules and regulations to be applied in the course of data submitted as part of managing the order are set out in a Privacy Policy drawn in accordance with Act CXII of 2011 (Chapter II of this information material).

3.     The following delivery information apply to all ordered products. The orders placed at our webshop are delivered by GLS or MPL. In case the order destination address provided is within the territory of Hungary the shipping is free of charge. Fees of supplementary services: Cash on delivery: 2 EUR extra cost Delivery of parcels exceeding the size limitations: 

4.     Pursuant to Article 14 (4)–(5) of Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection, the prices in the webshop are indicated in HUF and EUR. The products are always sold at the price indicated at the time of ordering. The Provider reserves the right to change the price of its products at any time without a retrospective effect.

Payment options:

1. CreditCard

2. Bank transfer (the Customer initiates a bank transfer, where the beneficiary is ESQUE MILANO Kft - (CIB Bank): 10701276-70370441-51100005

3. Cash on delivery (the Customer pays in cash when the parcel is received)
Please write your name or order number in the reference field of the money transfer. 

5.     Detailed rules on telephone communication after concluding the contract and use of the payment method: 
Article 6 of the Government Decree If the company provides a telephone communication after concluding the contract, then the company ensures that the consumer is not charged a premium rate for any calls to the company. The customer service telephone number of www.jasminmar.com is a normal (non-premium rate) telephone number: +36-30/2-433-233. Article 7 (1) of the Government Decree The company may not charge any expenses borne by it with relation to the use of a given payment method (such expenses are the cost of cash on delivery, which is charged forward at the same value). 

6.     This information material and all product descriptions on this website are subject to Article 11 of the Government Decree. The Consumer indicates his/her request for delivery by clicking on the Order button, thereby requesting an "immediate" delivery (Article 13 and 19 of the Government Decree). Orders can be placed on the website 24/7. The orders submitted are processed on all BUSINESS DAYS between 09 and 20 o'clock. Orders can be placed outside the timeframe specified above with the orders submitted over working hours being processed on the following day. Our Customer Service sends a confirmation email. The estimated delivery depends on the destination. Within Hungary: 2-5 days.

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